I'm glad to present you my adaptation of the backup software Affa-V3 for SME-server >8



The target was / is to combine the latest version of Affa with additional, very useful and for sme8 specific functions.


These functions were already present in the previous versions of Affa and have been written by M. Weinberger too. My own contribution is "only" to realize the inclusion of these functions into the new script of Affa-3.


These functions are:

  • The parameter "SMEServer"
  • The parameter and function "Watchdog"
  • The parameter and function "RPMCheck"
  • The functions "--rise" and of course "--undo-rise"

For the non sme specific items of Affa-V3, following documents are available on the original home page of Affa : http://affa.sourceforge.net/

  • The general documentation of Affa-V3 here or here too
  • The quick start
  • The conversion of jobs of Affa-2 into Affa-3 is explained here. Don't forget to check the generated config files.ini after the conversion!
  • The documentation of Affa-2 can be used for the sme functions mentioned above: http://wiki.contribs.org/Affa


see the wiki.guedel.eu

Get it run:

If you use the parameter "SMEServer=yes" you can delete in the jobconfig.ini the "Included" relative to sme default directories: they will be backuped automatically.

It is the same for the signal-event pre- and postbackup: no need to have it in the jobconfig.conf file by using SMEServer=yes.

By restoring operations (affa --full-restore), the signal-event pre-restore and signal-event post-upgrade will be done automatically by SMEServer=yes too.

Watchdog and RPMCheck only run if SMEServer=yes (as done by Affa-2).

--rise and --undo-rise work similar to Affa-2 (no modification).

Have a look at the samples job configurations present into /etc/affa. All files ending with ".conf" will be taken in considaration by Affa.


==> You can get in the download area the rpm and rpm.src of smeserver-affa3 as well as the other required files.


Important note:

These files are only placed at your own disposal. It doesn't have any guaranty of running successful and it can causing trouble of your machine.

With other words: only use it if you have nothing to lose. It's on your own risk!


Coming soon (if I feel like doing it!): add a parameter "Localhost_is_sme=yes/no" in order to use the modified script for sme8 or the original script of M. Weinberger.

  • more recent updates: see the wiki.guedel.eu
  • 31.08.2014: new version of the rpm in order to adapt it to the new version of rsync.
  • 31.03.2014: this is the very first version of smeserver-affa3, tested at low level. So don't be surprised if there are some bugs. I will try to eliminate them as soon as I'm informed.

Don't forget:

Comments and good ideas are welcome (smeserver-affa@THIS_DOMAIN), but please remember that you are free to modify the program by yourself in order to implement your ideas, wishes and improvements.
If you want, you can then submit me your script or RPM and if (in the case of...) I find it OK and useful, I will put it as disposal for download here.


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